maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Thing to do in the morning to make you feel good for the whole day

I usually feel the least good during the morning, which is unfortunate, since how you feel in the morning affects, how you feel during the day. Fortunately lately I've found a couple of tricks to make me feel pretty good in the morning and as a consequence lot better during the day.

1. Sleep for 8 hours or more
After a good sleep you feel amazing. Really relaxed.

2. Eat breakfast
Breakfast makes you immediately feel more awake and energized.

3. Drink both coffee and tea
For some reason the combination gives you a really nice high. I have no idea, why.

4. Don't snooze your alarm
Getting sleep 10 minutes has the same affect as not getting any sleep at all. You will still feel tired. You will also feel guilty, because once again you were not able to stop yourself from snoozing.

5. Go running
This will make you feel good about yourself. You already accomplished something and it's only the morning.

So there you go. There is nothing here, you didn't learn from you mom (except for the coffee and tea thing), but sometimes moms are completely right.

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