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Advice for students: How to make your CV more interesting

Not too long ago, I had trouble getting a job, since I didn't have any real experience. And I couldn't get any real experience, because nobody would hire me. Fortunately, there are ways to make your CV more interesting, so you can get that first real job.

1. Learn a skill
Having specific skills can make more useful for the company you want to work for. The best thing is those new skills can be learned on your own. You can learn a new language. You can learn Python. You can learn Photoshop or Indesign. Anything.

2. Go abroad
If you go abroad you are bound to learn something and employers know that. If you are still in school you can go on an exchange. You could also volunteer for some non-profit organization, or you can always find a job teaching English in China.

3. Have an interesting hobby
This shows you are passionate about something and you can do stuff long term. Besides, if your hobby is really interesting, people are going to remember your CV. Good examples include: stand-up comedy, theater, any sports, chess...

4. Start a business
This gives you some "real" experience as well, and starting is business doesn't have to be hard. You can just sell t-shirts on eBay and start calling yourself a CEO.

5. Make something
If you took my advice, you now know Python. You could make a computer game and put it on the internet. Or if you still don't have any skills, you could start a blog. You can link to your blog or game or whatever on your CV. This shows you can actually get something done.

6. Meet interesting people
So maybe you didn't start that business, but your friend did. Maybe he can recommend you. Maybe your friend's dad is the CEO of Goldman Sachs. He could recommend you. The more people you meet the easier this gets.

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